Three Thousand Years Later – Jerusalem is thriving

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The Zionist road back to Jerusalem that started in Basel (1897), and continued with the visit of Theodor Herzl to Jerusalem (1898), got international validation through the Balfour Declaration (November 1917).  A month later, British General Allenby walked through the gates of Jerusalem (December 1917), marking the beginning of 100 years of European involvement.

In those 100 Years, Jerusalem evolved and today it is thriving!

The vibrancy of Mahaneh Yehuda market, the flourishing art & culture scene, the flavor of Israeli wine,  the city’s academic centers,  think tanks, and technology start-ups, the diversity of its population, the rising engagement of Israelis with Judaism, all make life in Jerusalem intriguing.

The upcoming fast-train to Tel Aviv, the growing foreign ownership of vacation homes in Jerusalem and the possible consideration of nations to move their embassies to the city are increasingly turning Jerusalem into an international destination-city.



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The above articles appeared in the Jerusalem Post between 2015-2017 and written by Gol Kalev

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