Last year marked the 100th Anniversary of Europe’s involvement in Israeli-Palestinian affairs.

While well-intentioned, European intervention is inadvertently perpetuating the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and continuously blocking the prospects for peace.

A series of articles by Gol Kalev about Europe examines European involvement, offers insight into the policy stagnation in Europe regarding Israel, explores possible reasons, and places the Europe-Israel relationship in its historical context.

Europe’s engagement with Jerusalem needs to also be analyzed in the context of the evolving nature of Jerusalem.

A series of Jerusalem Post articles about Jerusalem strives to capture the vibrancy of the 3,000 year-old city, as well as explore trends in Zionism and Israeli society.

Europe has kept its eye on Jerusalem for 2,300 years.  Its relationship with the city continues to evolve.


All articles appeared in the Jerusalem Post, Jerusalem Report, Foreign Policy, the Daily Wire and Israel Hayom between 2015-2020 and written by Gol Kalev


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