Is it time to reassess Europe’s 100-year old involvement in Israeli-Palestinian affairs?

These Jerusalem Post analysis articles by Gol Kalev explore European engagement, as well as examine underlying trends in Jerusalem and in Zionism.


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Europe and its Relation to Jerusalem:

Europe and Jerusalem – a 2,300 Year-old Conflict

100 Years of Europeans Involvement in  Jerusalem

70 Year-old Attempt to Downplay European Guilt 

20 Years of European Escalation Towards Jerusalem

10 Years of European Obsession with Jerusalem – Possible Reasons

Jerusalem: Europe vs. America

Europe and Jerusalem in Fiction: Wonder Woman Fights European Incitement



1897: From Basel to Jerusalem – A Look at the First Zionist Congress

1897: Herzl vs Ahad Ha’Am – Outsider vs Establishment 

1898: Herzl’s Jerusalem Visit – an Infliction Point in Zionism

1917: Balfour Awakened – 100 Years to the Balfour Declaration

1917: Enter the British – 100 Years to British Conquest of Jerusalem 

1948:  The Outbreak of War and the Heroic Story of the Lamed-Heh

1948: Herzl’s birthday gift


Life in Europe:

Rise of Germany’s Far-Right and Jerusalem: Impact of German Elections

Rise of Austria’s Far-Right and Jerusalem: Impact of Austrian Elections


Life in Jerusalem:

Shift in the Jerusalem Experience: Shuk Mahanehe Yehuda

Haredi Spring: Celebration of Zionism in Shaarei Hessed

JerusAviv? Impact of the upcoming Fast-Train to Tel Aviv

Impact of moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem

The Rising Jerusalem Art Scene

Jerusalem as a Destination-City: Interview with Kenneth Bialkin


Zionism & Israeli Society:

The New Secular: The Datalf (Sometimes Religious)

Contribution of Vacation Homes Owners

Rising Nationalism vs. Globalization – How it Effects the Jews

Interview with Chief Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau

Zionism & Wine



The above articles appeared in the Jerusalem Post between 2015-2018 and written by Gol Kalev

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