These Jerusalem Post Articles by Gol Kalev explore the issue:


In Europe’s Cultural Occupation, a suggestion that European intervention in Israeli-Palestinian affairs has been disruptive to Palestinians and Israelis alike. While well-intentioned, it became a primary hurdle to peace, repeatedly building artificial barriers between Israeli and Palestinian societies.



In Europe’s Rendezvous with Destiny, an assertion that European-Israeli relationship must be analyzed in its historical context, pointing to new rationalizations of anti-Israel hostility in each cycle.

In Europe’s Anti-Israel Sentiment, an analysis of possible motivations for Europe’s escalation towards Israel over the last twenty years – drawing on the observations of two experts who suggest that Europe’s rising Muslim population and Israel’s astounding recent success are core reasons for such escalation.

In Europe’s Choice, an examination of a possible connection between attempts to downplay Europe’s cooperation in the Jewish genocide and current European cooperation with political attacks on the Jewish state.

In European political opposition, a suggestion that European opposition to the Jewish state represents a strategic threat and requires more attention than is currently given.



In Not Your Toy an analysis of the damage and injustices caused to Palestinians by European and other “supporters” who hijacked their cause.

In Europe Actions hurt Palestinians, drawing a line from European actions 100 years ago that triggered the first shots in what became the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, to its interference today which hurt Palestinians and block peace

In The Battle for Jerusalem: Europe vs. America, an examinations of what is behind Europe’s angry reaction to the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, as well as an analysis of the contradictory role Jerusalem plays in American and European narratives.

In Wonder Woman’s Battle Against Incitement, a hope that the removal of external sources of incitement could pave a path to peace between Israelis and Palestinians.



In Resurfacing of European Colonialism, an argument that European decolonization happened too fast, unexpectedly, and unwillingly. Europe never went through a process of mental decolonization. Hence there are traces colonialism mentality in its behavior, including towards the Palestinians and Israelis.

In Vienna at a Crossroads, and Rise of Germany’s Far-Right, an analysis of  fundamental changes in  Europe, as reflected in recent Austrian and German elections, and their implication to Israel and Jerusalem.

In ‘Poland Fully Supports Israel’s Sovereignty’, an interview with Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, including about Europe’s history with the Jews and its current relations with Jerusalem.

In The Battle for Europe, placing the struggle between integrationists and Euroskeptics in its historical and geopolitical context, and analyzing how the internal battle for Europe is intertwined with European intervention in Israeli-Palestinian affairs.

In Europe should benefit from Herzl’s vision, a suggestion that as Europe debates its road ahead, it could learn from the Jewish state’s visionary, who planted the seeds for a more perfect Europe in Israel.

In Time for a new European Peace Conference, surfacing the idea of a preemptive Peace Conference, along the lines of Paris 1919 and Vienna 1815, that would chart the road for a forward-looking Europe of the 2020s.


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The above articles appeared in the Jerusalem Post, Jerusalem Report, Foreign Policy, the Daily Wire and Israel Hayom between 2015-2019 and written by Gol Kalev


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