Fresh Thinking

Is it time to re-assess Europe’s 100-year old involvement in Israeli-Palestinian affairs?


This year marks the 100th Anniversary of Europe’s involvement in the region.

While good-intentioned, European intervention has been indadvertedly perpetuating the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and continuously blocking the prospects for peace.

A series of Jerusalem Post articles about Europe offers insight into the policy-stagnation in Europe regarding Israel, examines possible reasons, and places the Europe-Israel relationship in its historical context.

Europe’s engagement with Jerusalem needs to also be analyzed in the context of the evolving nature of Jerusalem.

A series of Jerusalem Post articles about Jerusalem strives to capture the vibrancy of the 3,000 year-old city, as well as explore trends in Zionism and Israeli society.

Europe has kept its eye on Jerusalem for 2,300 years.  Its relationship with the city continues to evolve.