Europeans imposing their values – then and now

Clip FROM  prime time with dr Gina;  december 10, 2020

Gol Kalev: “Jews here in Israel and around the world are celebrating the holiday of Chanukah this week, marking events that occurred in Jerusalem in the 2nd Century BC. We had an invader coming from Europe, the Greeks, and unlike other invaders, they did not just want to gain territory and collect taxes. They wanted to impose their own values and their own narrative on the local population: Paganism, Universalism. They desecrated the Jewish Temple, put in their in their idols, the Jews rebelled, miraculously succeeded, and in Chanukah we mark that miracle and give thanks to God.

But I think it also symbolizes the beginning of the European-Israeli relationship, that tend to be sugar-coated. It is riddled with conflict: Shortly after the Greeks, another invader came in from Europe – the Romans. They as we know destroyed the Jewish Temple, deported the Jews, mostly to Europe, and were not particularly nice to the Jews during those long exile years in Europe.

When Jews came back and re-established the Jewish state, Europe became an ally and an important friend, but still tend to be rather critical of Israel in just about everything we do here, and again, trying to impose their own values of secularism, of Universalism, believing that somehow it would lead to peace. So Gina, one of the great things about living in Jerusaelm is that you don’t just get to live amongst history, you get to experience history in the present in a very meaningful and profound way.”

Dr. Gina: “Such a great point Gol, and I have some commentary about that today in Doctor’s Orders, that I think you would appreciate, and happy Chanukah to you as well. This is off course the first night of Chanukah”

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