The rockets from gaza stoped, but the poisonous anti-israel incitement that came from the west, stays

Clip FROM  Dr Gina primetime;  May 21, 2021

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Once again, westerners hijack the Palestinian cause and attempt to impose their own narrative. This is reminiscent of European Colonialist behavior. Are Palestinians ready to rebel against this Cultural Occupation of their “supporters”? Full Article 

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The film’s villain spreads his evil not through direct killing and destruction, but, as he explains, through subtly instilling ideas and inspiration in people to foment violence. The European villain, who comes across at first as a polite, courteous, peace-seeking European, spreads concepts that promote divisions, intolerance and war. Full Article

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One of humanity’s most astonishing cycles is being completed: Two millennia after being deported from Jerusalem in the 1st century CE, Jews and Judaism are returning to Zion. In 1967 Jewish sovereignty returned to Jerusalem, but it is only in the 2020s, as political power and Zionist ethos is shifting from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and as Zionism becoming the anchor of Judaism, that Judaism is returning to Zion.  Full Article

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