The following Jerusalem Post cover-stories and analysis articles by Gol Kalev explore the state of affairs between Europe and Jerusalem.


0607 Magazine - Cover 1512 MAG - image   Balfour-Cover

Latest Article: The resurfacing of European Colonialism


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Europe and its relation to Jerusalem:

Europe and Jerusalem: a 2,300 year-old conflict

Europe and Palestine: Hijacking the Palestinians cause

Jerusalem: Europe vs. America

100 years of European involvement in Jerusalem:

100 years of intervention: Britain enters Jerusalem, Europe stays

70 Year-old attempt to downplay European guilt 

20 Years of European escalation towards Jerusalem

10 Years of European obsession with Jerusalem – possible reasons

Europe and Jerusalem in fiction: Wonder Woman fights European incitement

0712 MAG 12-15 cover story . 0812 JIJ cover image

The journey back to Jerusalem:

1895: Herzl between Dreyfus and Goldsmid; France and Britain

1897: Herzl vs Ahad Ha’Am – Outsider vs Establishment 

1897: From Basel to Jerusalem – a look at the first Zionist Congress

1898: Herzl’s Jerusalem visit – an inflection point in Zionism

1917: Balfour awakened – 100 years to the Balfour Declaration

1917: Enter the British – 100 years to British conquest of Jerusalem 

1948:  The outbreak of war and the heroic story of the Lamed-Heh

1948: Herzl’s birthday gift

Jerusalem Post - Israel at 70 copy  Pages from 1205 JIJ 01 18486003_1082205661910266_3015753304951566591_n


Zionism & Israeli society:

Jewish transformation – Judaism 3.0

Israel abandoning its secular roots

The new secular: The Datalf (sometimes religious)

Contribution of vacation homes owners

Rising nationalism vs. Globalization – how it effects the Jews

Zionism & Wine

Datlaf image  Tale of Two Cities  Pages from 0508IJ01-05NEW2 n


Life in Europe:

Rise of Germany’s far-right and Jerusalem: Impact of German elections

Rise of Austria’s far-right and Jerusalem: Impact of Austrian elections


Life in Jerusalem:

JerusAviv? Impact of the upcoming fast-train to Tel Aviv

The first electric train reaches Jerusalem!

Shift in the Jerusalem experience: Shuk Mahaneh Yehuda

Jerusalem’s Shuk as ‘Beacon to the world’

Haredi Spring: Celebration of Zionism in Shaarei Hessed

Impact of moving the US embassy to Jerusalem

The Rising Jerusalem art scene

Pages from 0302 JIJ 01  JerusAviv  Pages from 2509IJ01-05 n


Interviews about Jerusalem and Zionism:

Chief Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau: The world has not learned the lessons of the Holocaust

Prime-Minister Morawiecki: Poland fully supports Israel’s sovereignty

Victoria Coates: Israel is in the trenches with the United States

Kenneth Bialkin: Jerusalem as a destination-city

Josh Weston: Bringing American CEOs to Israel

Amb. Vivian Bercovici: Revolutionizing diplomacy

Oded Revivi: Bottom-up peace

Naomi Chazan: In defense of Israel’s civil society

Elyakim Haetzni: Coexistence!

Yossi Beilin: Wanted – a Border

Pages from 0710 01-05 n  0405 MAG 01  Cover - 19-Jan-2018

IJ cover Dec-14-2018 . JRep - December 24

The above articles appeared in the Jerusalem Post and the Jerusalem Report between 2015-2019 and written by Gol Kalev

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